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Learning about colours:

Primary Colours: This is #colourweek's posts about different colours and their meanings. We start with the three primary colours. They are called primary colours because they are seen as the “original” colours, no colours can be mixed to form them, but they can be mixed (blue + yellow = green) with each other to create all the other colours. Yellow inspires and creates happiness. It is best suited in children's products or leisure services. Rather use it as a highlight as too much yellow can make people anxious. Yellow says: keep moving Red on the other hand says: take action. It creates a warm feeling of love or power. It…
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Black&White Photography

One of the main reasons people create black and white photos are to make it look better by taking something (colour) away (eg. every colour is now equal and the background colour is not stealing from the main idea). My example is of the #Colosseum in Rome, taken at midday. The light was wrong, but I had one time to shoot it. So I changed it into a black and white photo - making all the colours the same and also focusing more on the textures. The difference is tremendous. Colosseum, Rome. Another important part of #blackandwhitephotography is that you don't take something away from the photo and end up…
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